10. Jun, 2022

Music & Worship

The action of worship should be the fruit of roots running deep in the earth of God’s presence.
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11. May, 2022

A Sound of Hope

God wants to speak to each one of us
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28. Jan, 2022

Kingdom Organics

The greatest success is the ability to let go and let God do what only he can do.
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14. Jan, 2022

Our Spiritual Sat Nav

His will is unforced because when we let go and the Spirit takes over, there is a natural movement towards him.
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6. Jan, 2022

Local Mission

I see walls coming down and a welcome that Camborne hasn’t seen for a while
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15. Dec, 2021

New Wine

The new wine, I believe is the outpouring of God’s glory in his willing wineskins.
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